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HTDB-40 Electric rebar gauge / dot machine

Metal tensile sample gauges super high-quality HTDB-40 electric steel bar gauges / dot machine-this gauge is mainly used for marking equipment designed to test the elongation of steel bars, because its rotation speed is uniform and stable, Higher accuracy and easier operation than manual rangefinders.
Technical indicators
1. Power input voltage: 220V 10;
2. Input current: 0.2A;
3. Printing gauge distance: 5mm 10mm;
4. Overall dimensions: 630 230 300mm;
5. Weight: about 30 kg.
Third, the classification of gauges Electric rebar gauge Manual rebar gauge Continuous rebar gauge Alias: Rebar printer, rebar marking machine, multipoint rebar gauge, electric gauge, manual gauge The main structure of the machine is composed of a base, a support frame, a V-shaped groove, a printing assembly and circuit parts.
Five, instructions for use
1. First determine the gauge length. The method to adjust the gauge length is to loosen the 5 mm set screws on both sides of the printing assembly and tighten the screws.
2. Lift the tapered rod lifting handle to straighten the reinforcing bar into the V-shaped groove (the straight side of the rebar is upward) and tighten it.
3. Drop the handle and rotate the small wheel at the left end to make the taper bar at the lowest position. Adjust the height adjustment handle to make the tip of the taper contact the steel bar, and then continue to lower it by 1-2 millimeters to ensure that the taper head has sufficient margin for driving the bar.
4. Lift the handle to turn on the power, turn the direction switch to the left position, turn on the power switch, and the power indicator is on. If the printing assembly is in the midway position, the work indicator is also on. At the same time, the printing assembly is automatically stopped when it reaches the left end. The work indicator is off.
5. Drop the taper rod, turn the direction switch to the right position, press the right button once the motor runs normally, release the button, the printing assembly will go to the far right end and stop automatically.
6. Lift the tapered rod, loosen the fastening screws, take out the steel bars, and finish printing.
7. Turn the direction switch to the left position and press the left button once. After the motor is running, release the button and the printer assembly will automatically stop at the left end to maintain the ready state for the next work.
Six, care and maintenance
1. Rebar gauge is reliably grounded before use.
2. When driving to the left, the tapered rod must be lifted and operated strictly in accordance with the operation method. If the operation is incorrect, the motor and electrical appliances will be damaged.
3. The instrument is always kept clean and stored in a dry place.
4. Lubricant is often added to the sliding part of the rebar gauge.
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