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Cement, cement slurry test equipment
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DYE-300S Automatic Constant Stress Tester (Single Chip Microcomputer)

DYE-300S Automatic Constant Stress Tester (Single Chip Microcomputer)
Cement constant stress pressure testing machine is in accordance with the requirements of GB177-85 and GB17671-1999 "Cement Mortar Compressive Strength Test Method" to complete the test control mode, with microcomputer LCD screen operation, isokinetic test force, isokinetic stress, servo system control, etc. mode. This product has the characteristics of high precision, superior performance, high reliability, and easy operation. Equipped with special fixtures, it can also perform flexural tests on concrete and cement. This machine fully complies with the standards of "GB / T3722-92" and "GB / T2611-92". Can provide you with accurate experimental results.
The testing machine is mainly composed of an organism, a hydraulic operation box, a computer, a servo valve, data acquisition software, and a high-precision sensor.
1. Maximum test force: 300KN
2. Test force measurement range: 4% —100%
3. Testing machine accuracy: better than 1%
4. Error of applied test force: 1%
5. Loading speed: standard 2.4KN / s (adjustable)
6. Distance between platens: 180mm
7, the size of the upper and lower plate: 100mm above 190mm
8. Overall dimensions (mm): 860 430 1100
9. Host is important: 550kg
10. Power supply: 0.75KW (three-phase)
* Concrete anti-bending device (optional)
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