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Concrete testing instrument
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HKCM-120 high-speed concrete anti-wear tester

HKCM-120 high-speed concrete anti- wear tester
Product overview: With the development of the western region and the construction of national water conservancy projects, the underwater steel ball anti-abrasion test method in DL / T 5150-2001 "Test Regulations for Hydraulic Concrete" cannot meet the needs in many cases. Tianjin, China Based on this new method, Huatong Experimental Instrument Factory has developed a new generation of HKCM-120 high-speed concrete impact tester.
Product features: The device controller is a frequency converter, which can realize stepless speed regulation, set the impeller speed arbitrarily, and more realistically simulate the on-site grinding situation. This equipment has an impeller speed of 4 000 r / min, near-bottom water flow speed of 3.8 m / s, the projected area of the steel ball accounts for 50% of the surface area of the test piece, the maximum particle diameter of the steel ball is 30 mm, and the steel ball gradation is 8 quasi 30 mm 17 quasi 25.4 mm, 33 quasi 19.1 mm, 62 quasi 12.5 mm, and the grinding time was 48 h. Compared with the standard method, the new method improves the grinding efficiency by about 3-4 times, shortens the grinding time by 1/3, and increases the average wear depth from 1-2 mm to 3-4 mm. The anti-abrasion performance of the skin reflects the wear of high-strength concrete above C40 under actual working conditions. Hunan Gutebang has successfully applied this equipment.
Technical Parameters:
1. Sample size: φ300 กม 100mm
2. Size of sample container: φ302 กม 430mm
3. Impeller speed: 4 000 r / min, maximum speed: 5000 r / min, adjustable speed.
4.Near-bottom water flow speed 3.8 m / s,
5. Steel ball specifications: 8 30 mm, 17 25.4 mm, 33 19.1 mm, 62 quasi 12.5 mm.
6. Punching time is 48 hours.
7. Power supply: AC 380V
8. Power: 7.5KW

In recent years, our factory has provided a series of units such as the Central Laboratory of Shanxi Yellow River Diversion Bureau, the Central Laboratory of the 13th Hydropower Station, the Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute, the Jin-Qin High-Speed Railway, and the 4th Hydropower Station, etc. The test instruments and equipment have been well received by users. Based on the principle of " customer first, integrity first ", our factory has established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with many companies.

Commitment is gold, integrity is win, let our customers become the best companies, let the best companies become our best customers. Huatong will, as always, walk in front of the test equipment.

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