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Components of HMP-200 Automatic Double End Grinding Machine

1.Mechanical part
The reciprocation of the worktable is driven by the motor to drive the gearbox. The slow speed is used to drive the screw to perform forward and reverse rotation. The screw nut is fixed below the worktable to drive the worktable to reciprocate.
This machine's special diamond grinding wheel is directly mounted on two special special motor spindles, which are driven forward or backward by two horizontal tables, which can be automatic or manual. Move the handle to the automatic position when it is automatic, and the clutch will be closed. When the table moves forward, it hits the pawl. The pawl pushes the ratchet for clearance operation. When in manual operation, move the handle to the manual position. Each revolution of the screw is 0.04mm, and each revolution is 3mm.
The specimen holder and the two grinding discs on the workbench are carefully adjusted to ensure the verticality and parallelism of the grinding before the equipment leaves the factory. Grind two parallelisms at a time. The six-sided cube standard sample need only be ground three times by this equipment.
2.Electrical parts
See electrical schematic.
The control buttons of this machine are respectively installed on the two power heads, which is convenient to operate.
Because this machine adopts water cooling, the water splash is serious, so this circuit control adopts 36V safety voltage, and there will be no leakage due to water during operation. Two travel switches installed under the workbench control the AC contactor to make the workbench reciprocate.

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