Concrete testing instrument
Cement, cement slurry test equipment
Mortar test instrument
Asphalt test equipment
Asphalt grease test equipment
Universal, pressure, testing machine series
Geotechnical test equipment
Constant temperature and humidity curing instrument
Electronic balance, test mode series
Subgrade, pavement, field testing instruments
CA mortar instrument
Geosynthetics testing instrument
Nondestructive testing equipment
Linoleum, waterproof coil test equipment
Rock aggregate, tunnel test instrument
Building energy saving. Insulation material testing instrument
Brick / Brick Ceramic Instrument Series
Glass, energy-saving testing equipment
Anti-bending, anti-compression, anti-split fixture series
Longer series
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Tianjin Huatong faces new and old customers with a new concept

Our philosophy: Commitment is gold, integrity is win, we do not make huge profits, we only do good quality, work with conscience, make reasonable profits, and be friendly businessmen. Integrity is the foundation of a company's foothold, and quality is the cornerstone of its growth. We cannot give you the lowest price, but we can promise quality without fear of time. We uphold the design concept of excellence, based on the principles of customer-oriented, objective and practical, innovative development, and strive to create a new industry standard on the road to perfection.

The pursuit of excellence
, Constantly winning in market competition, surpassing oneself in reflection, surpassing mediocrity in learning, and making continuous progress.
, Experience the joy of success after achieving your goals, and the joy of struggle in the pursuit.

Business philosophy: Everything is based on user value

, Adhere to the "user first" concept, creating value for users and safeguarding the legitimate interests of users is the top priority of business;
, Keep sensitive to user needs, pay attention to user's consumption experience, service level appropriately exceeds user expectations;
, Focus on nurturing user satisfaction and loyalty, and continuously improve the service level of communication with users;
, Maximize the value of the company with the maximization of user value.

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