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Tianjin Huatong Experimental Instrument Factory.
Tianjin Huatong Experimental Instrument Factory is a company that has specialized in the production and sales of test instruments for ten years. Driven by the global wave of information technology, it has experienced the process of survival, development, and growth, and has always been vigorous and vigorous In the process of ups and downs with friends in the industry, "Tianjin Huatong" has developed into a brand. In the past ten years, our factory has insisted on taking the road of specialization, so that the products have complete functions, easy operation, stable performance and higher cost performance. With strong technical force and sophisticated production equipment, we have won many scientific and technological progress awards in recent years. Huatong people continue to produce and develop high-tech intelligent test instruments to serve our customers with tenacity and self-improvement. In recent years, our factory has provided a series of units such as the Central Laboratory of Shanxi Yellow River Diversion Bureau, the Central Laboratory of the 13th Hydropower Station, the Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute, the Jin-Qin High-Speed Railway, and the 4th Hydropower Station, etc. The test instruments and equipment have been well received by users. Based on the principle of "customer first, integrity first", our factory has established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with many companies. Commitment is gold, integrity is heaven, let our customers become the best business, and let the best companies become our best customers. Huatong will, as always, walk in front of the test equipment.
<font color = '# 0000FF'> HKCM-120 high-speed concrete impact tester </ font>
HKCM-120 high-speed concrete anti-wear tester
<font color = '# 0000FF'> YFXGW-40A Vertical Reverse Bend Test </ font>
YFXGW-40A Vertical Reverse Bend Test
<font color = '# 0000FF'> HTDB-40 electric steel bar gauge / dot machine </ font>
HTDB-40 Electric rebar gauge / dot machine
<font color = '# 0000FF'> ZS-15 cement cement sand vibrating table, cement cement sand </ font>
ZS-15 cement cement sand vibrating table, cement cement sand
<font color = '# 0000FF'> DYE-300S computer automatic constant stress test </ font>
DYE-300S computer automatic constant stress test
<font color = '# 0000FF'> DYE-300S automatic constant stress tester (single </ font>
DYE-300S automatic constant stress tester (single
<font color = '# 0000FF'> DYE-300 electro-hydraulic concrete flexure-resistant cement </ font>
DYE-300 Electro-Hydraulic Concrete Bending Cement
<font color = '# 0000FF'> DYE-300B Microcomputer Servo Cement Folding and Compressing </ font>
DYE-300B type computerized servo cement
<font color = '# FF0000'> DYE-300S Computer Fully Automatic Cement Folding Resistance </ font>
DYE-300S Computer Fully Automatic Cement Folding Resistance
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